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I spilt liquid over my computer what do i do?!

  • Step one: immediatly switch your laptop/pc/tablet/mobile off! 

This ensures no further damage is done to the motherboard which may occur if it was running. (Although if you are reading this on the same equipment then it may be too late for that. However, don't panic, turn it of as soon as possible!)

  • Step two: Bring your equipment into our shop so we can dissassemble it to see the full extent of the spill. This allows us to see which components are damaged so they can be replaced accordingly. 

I've dropped my computer!

  • Step one: turn your computer on. Is it slower than normal and is the screen still displaying correctly/not broken.
  • Step two: If your computer is;
  • Slow but booting: hard drive may have been damaged. We advise you backup all important photos, music and documents to prevent disappointment in the case that  it later totally fails. (Total hard drive failure may mean data is lost forever.) We can do this for you and also replace your hard drive.
  • Not booting: Bring your computer in and we will try to recover data and will replace your faulty hard drive if needed.
  • Broken screen: again, we can replace any screens on laptops, mobiles and tablets!

I think my computer has gotten infected with a virus?

  • If your computer is acting funny then bring it in and we will backup your data and clean your system for you, no problem.